A living practice to reconnect with our inner wisdom.

What is Whole Intelligence?

Whole Intelligence refers to the innate practical wisdom that is present in each of us - our being, doing and becoming; how we are and understand ourselves mentally, physically, and spiritually; how we collaborate with others, experiment, and innovate, and respond to life, whether in joyful or challenging times. Whole Intelligence is a holistic, living practice that acknowledges the interconnectedness and interdependence of life and nurtures individual and collective wellbeing.

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Courses and Events

Living Whole Intelligence Workshops

The search is on for a different way of being, living and acting in the world. Accessing more of our whole intelligence is an immediate and powerful way of making a difference.

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The Five Explorations

The five explorations are areas of human strength, essential for today’s and tomorrow’s world, that need to be drawn out, reinforced, and extended since they are central to the success (or not) of all worthwhile human endeavours, individual or shared. They are varieties of human competence and potential that are present in individual lives and human systems of all types – from small families to medium-sized organisations to global institutions. The five explorations are domains of being and doing that add to life and are about wise work and living well. *Although described separately, they do not exist alone and apart from one another. They act together; interweave; require others in order to come into play; and support one another’s emergence. That there are five of them, and that they differ from each other, permits a variety of perspectives to be noticed together, as an easy-to-apply framework.

Profile of Malcolm Parlett

Malcolm's work is to research, as well help release and stimulate, humanity’s Whole Intelligence.


Whole Intelligence Research Fellowship

A community of inquirers from diverse fields that are inspired by the living practice of Whole Intelligence and its education, practice, and delivery.

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Future Sense

“The human dimension” is the most significant factor in determining our common future. Human beings can act together sensibly and cooperatively to solve problems – they have the potential to do so. But there has to be a shift in consciousness, like a software upgrade if they are to act more intelligently overall and in a way that does not endanger our species. So what needs to happen to help human beings act with more insight, sure-footedness, deep responsibility, and emotional maturity?


A multimedia exploration of Whole Intelligence

There are numerous ways to learn about and recognise the universality of the Whole Intelligence approach as an individual and collective living practice that can transform communities, organisations and human systems generally. So interested inquirers can explore videos, podcasts and talks.


What people are saying about an immersive experience of Whole Intelligence ...

"Appreciated the sincerity of the connection and the inquiries; Got a sense of clarity of how developing our whole intelligence can support us to grow; Such a containing space was created; I feel inspired to bring Whole Intelligence into the mainstream; Lovely conversations with others that have remained with me; The weekend was powerful, there was some really rich connection!"

“The intensity of the contact and the richness remains with me; I felt safe to be comfortably lost until the themes trickled down and settled; Whole Intelligence makes better relating possible; appreciated the immersion in an environment that is supportive of inquiry and growth.”

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