Whole Intelligence Manifesto

Whole Intelligence refers to the human ability to act in ways that are competent, compassionate, wise and creative, drawing on life skills, humanitarian values, and sensitivity to context. The Manifesto maintains that a first and necessary step towards the fundamental change that is needed in the world right now is for human beings to cultivate their collective Whole Intelligence.


“The Manifesto describes a route to bringing about cumulative change in practising greater human skilfulness – sustainable, open-source, people-centred abilities that are universally accessible and inspire respect. Our aim is to communicate our excitement and belief that Whole Intelligence is a useful, valid, and straightforward concept and approach that needs to be in common currency – for the benefit of humanity at large.”

“The extent of Whole Intelligence is revealed in a person’s or an organisation’s values, their sense of responsibility, ethical standards, resilience, and outlook on existence. Whole Intelligence has been likened to the ancient Greek term, Phronesis– which translates as ‘practical wisdom’, ‘down-to-earth common sense’ or ‘morality in action'."

“Cognition, computational ability, skill in verbal argument, and capacity to think logically are undoubtedly important, but elevating them to automatic supremacy is unfortunate. They cannot be considered in isolation from other qualities and behaviour. Many people are highly intelligent in the more ‘Whole’ sense but have been convinced by mental testing or poor schooling that they ‘lack intelligence’. Yet often they act intelligently and rationally – that is judiciously, with discernment, sensitivity, clarity, and competence – perhaps more so that many supposedly highly educated people, some with very high IQs.”

Profile of Malcolm Parlett

Malcolm's work is to research, as well help release and stimulate, humanity’s Whole Intelligence.


The Research Fellowship

A community of inquirers from diverse fields that are inspired by the living practice of Whole Intelligence and its education, practice, and delivery.


Book: Future Sense

“The human dimension” is the most significant factor in determining our common future. Explore what needs to happen to help individuals act with more insight, sure-footedness, deep responsibility, and emotional maturity

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