Living Whole Intelligence


The search is on for a different way of being, living and acting in the world. Accessing more of our whole intelligence is an immediate and powerful way of making a difference.

What is Whole Intelligence?

Whole intelligence refers to the innate practical wisdom that is present in each of us - our being, doing and becoming; how we are and understand ourselves mentally, physically and spiritually; how we collaborate with others, experiment and innovate, and respond to life, whether in joyful or challenging times.

Why Whole Intelligence?

The human dimension is the most significant factor in determining our common future. Human beings can act together sensibly and cooperatively to solve problems – we have the potential to do so, psychologically and spiritually. There has to be a shift in consciousness. We need greater whole intelligence individually, organisationally, and on a worldwide scale.

So how as individuals can we make a difference?

Our belief is that as participants in the global human network, we each have a unique role to play. We need to build on our life experiences; recognise how we shine, and uncover our hidden talents, potentialities, and truths about ourselves. In the process, we focus on how we function, the individual part that we play – whether small or great, alone or with others – as a resource for humanity.

We invite you to join us in cultivating a safe space together and experiencing a different-from-usual form of inquiry, activism, and service, becoming a change-maker through extending the scope of each person's whole intelligence.

Just as a single dandelion’s seeds can travel far, can spread, and affect ecosystems, so do individual human beings impact their surroundings through their personal qualities, creative energy, natural talents, and courage to be themselves.

Through the process of self-inquiry We'll explore how to:

Deepen our awareness of ourselves, our narratives and feelings as embodied beings with a sense of compassion and acceptance;

stretch ourselves in how we experiment and innovate as we creatively adjust to life's varied situations;

Grow our relational capacity to empathise, communicate, build trust, handle differences and collaborate productively;

flex our capacity to adapt to the changes that we face and to mindfully choose how to respond to the situation on an individual, community and global level.

BECOME transforming influencers in the organisational and community settings of which we are part.

Our self-discovery process

The roots of our process are grounded in the acknowledgement that we are interconnected and interdependent; that change is an integral part of living; that each and everyone of us has an individual way of experiencing and being in the world; and that the whole is more that the sum of its parts. We aim to contribute to a world that's waking up by accompanying people through our process to own, live and fulfill our whole intelligence potential.

Living Whole Intelligence


Each workshop is a unique exploration of the five dimensions of Whole Intelligence and is an immersive experience that offers the opportunity to learn and understand more fully how to live Whole Intelligence in our daily lives and to communicate it to others - thereby becoming a radical new form of change agent.

Workshop Dates

Dates for 2024 workshops coming soon!


Malcolm Parlett Ph.D.
Creator of the concept of Whole Intelligence, Author of the book Future Sense
Anne Pettit
Founding Director of Gestalt Centre Wales, UKCP Reg. Gestalt Psychotherapist
Cathy Perić
Doctoral researcher and practitioner of Gestalt Psychotherapy, GPTIM

In-person Location

Gestalt Centre Wales
The Courtyard, Stuart House, The Back, Chepstow, Wales NP16 5HH

Cost per Workshop

let's ENABLE our interconnected world TO FLOURISH by cultivating our

Whole Intelligence


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