In the Whole Intelligence Podcast listeners will learn about field theory in gestalt therapy, discover the five explorations (also called five abilities or human strengths), and realise how gestalt values and experiences can support Citizens’ Practice, radical innovation, and healing interventions at every level – with individuals, families, communities and organisations. Fundamental to all Malcolm Parlett's work is to research, as well help release and stimulate, humanity’s Whole Intelligence. Living amidst global turbulence and the urgent ecological crisis, the need for greater Whole Intelligence is paramount.

Episode 1: Whole Intelligence: What Are The Five Explorations? by Malcolm Parlett
Malcolm asks how ideals and new thinking originating in the Covid-19 era can have a greater chance of success, given that old norms and expectations may re-enter to stifle hopes of a different future. He suggests that Whole Intelligence is an overlooked resource that may help to reinforce and sustain this new trajectory. Based on his experiences in the fields of therapy, coaching, and consultation, Malcolm describes five dimensions of Whole Intelligence and the routes to their manifestation.
Episode 2: Whole Intelligence: Exigent Resource For Humanity by Malcolm Parlett
Thanks to Kevin Macleod for the podcast music.

Podcast appearances

Being Human Podcast by Richard Atherton
In a far-ranging, lively interview Malcolm describes the revolutionary nature of his book Future Sense: Five Explorations of Whole Intelligence for a World That’s Waking Up, and its relationship with the influential Gestalt movement from which he has drawn fundamental priorities and values, re-envisioning them for non-specialists in Gestalt. The interview returns again and again to the place of Embodying, perhaps the most radical of the five explorations that his book calls for, if humanity is to take a vitally necessary step forward in its collective consciousness. Richard and Malcolm share their excitement at what is humanly possible, and the changes that are unfolding.

Future Learning Design podcast produced by Tim Logan
A Gestalt way to effect change, by acting as a Citizen Practitioner
This video clip on New Gestalt Voices is about how Gestalt thinking can address the crises and challenges of our time. I was not a named speaker, but spoke as a Gestalt “Citizen Practitioner”.

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